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Old News (EA has REBORN)

EmuAlliance Dies :(
It looks like NINTENDA has taken down EmuAlliance for good :( Here is the post he posted
Well that day everyone has prayed for is here, EmuAlliance.com is closing down. The future of the domain is unknown, but the NINTENDA's emualliance tabloid site is dead, Alby's playhouse is dead, the PSEMU leak site is dead. We're gone, Emualliance was around for less than one year, in it we had over a 150,00 hits to our site, 10,000 to Expert's Jackal page and about 200,000 total hits to our site and it's hosted pages. We've had about 20 staff members, all of whom have quit or been fired save, Alby and emul8or. We have been hacked at least 5 times that I can recall, have been sued or threatened to be sued 7 times, have had over a 1000 flames recieved, I gotta say I've had a ton of fun, I've gotten to talk with huge emulation giants, beta tested about a half dozen emulators, been blamed for the death of PSEMU, been able to watch a PSX emulator develope. Emualliance has had a dozen layout changes, it's been fun. No, we aren't being sold to emuhq.com ;-) Thanks for supporting the site, we had fun, I hope you have too. Now I get to thank everyone who made emualliance.com possible:
Alby (thanks pal), Sardaukar, expert, kalamaru, Zophar, Zeenbor, Atila(heh), hWnd, Jandaman, uzplayer, Jesse, khang (hackah ;-), rabidfrog, that girl from http://www.romseeker.com/girl/, skates, Lemmy, BWB, Dave, all the guys from #psemu, #emualliance, #ultrahlein, #zopharsdomain, _64bit_(lol), Weality Man, Darkmazda ,Bomb, Havok, Shadowrye, Serial slayer, Shatteredge, Commando102, that band called the Smashing Pumpkins, all you rom lamers, Fox, NovaFlare, Gpfgod, Dtastones, and everyone I just forgot, including all past staff whom slipped my mind (theres about ten of em), all other emulation site runner guys, all my pals (and enemies from irc), anyone else I forgot, and you for coming...this is the end of EA.com, may the future hold good plans for her. Thanks again, its been fun *sniff*
NINTENDA thanks emualliance.com, wow this longer than I thought it'd be.

Nintendo Ultra 64 roms - N64 roms

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There are over 200 roms available at the momemnt.

You must use GetRight from getright.com/ to download these files or you will likely get an incomplete file which will not unzip! You should use Netscape as your browser because Internet Explorer sometimes does not let GetRight catch the download.

These roms are for use with backup units such as Z64 because they can play all the games. While the emulators can only play a few of the games. If you are using the UltraHle emulator go HERE to see which games will work.

DreamGBC V0.6 released:
This is a new Game Boy emulator for Windows by the author of DreamNES. This update has the following changes:

Fixed a noise channel frequency bug
Fixed some logical sound bugs
Added emulator configuration function to the ROM Loader
Emulate the colorization when play classical GB cart on a GBC(1 palette availiable for now)
Support multiple resolution(up to 1024*768)
Zooming function(1X-4X)
100% Scanline mode selectable
You can get it from our Game Boy emulation page. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news.

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More games playable in TrWin:
Ridge let me know that two more games are playable with TrWin. "Scooby Doo Classic Creep Capers" (Very fast and tiny glitches)"Sin and Punishment - Tsumi no Batsu" (Very fast and some small color glitches) Both are close to perfection, but there is no sound in both of them.

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50 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (U).zip 9379
51 Mega Man X (V1.1) (U).zip 9277
52 Super Family Tennis (J).zip 9173
53 Bahamut Lagoon (J).zip 9145
54 Super Donkey Kong 3 (V1.1) (J).zip 9096
55 Super Street Fighter 2 - The New Challengers (U).zip 9037
56 Asterix & Obelix (E).zip 9019
57 Dragon Ball Z - Super Gokuu Den Totsugeki Hen (J).zip 8942
58 Spider-Man and the X-Men (U) (4 Man Version).zip 8930
59 Kirby Superstar (U) [!].zip 8897
60 Addams Family, The (U).zip 8891
61 Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (U)(26454).zip 8872
62 Castlevania - Vampire's Kiss (E).zip 8838
63 Final Fantasy 4 (J).zip 8823
64 Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (LucasArts) (U).zip 8750
65 Indiana Jones - Trilogy (U).zip 8694
66 Simpsons, The - Bart's Nightmare (U).zip 8639
67 Dragon Ball Z - Super Butoden 3 (J).zip 8591
68 F-Zero (U).zip 8533
69 Earthworm Jim 2 (U).zip 8414

emulatronia.com/oldnews/septiembre99 - 3
ULTRAHLE 1.1 NEWS : Según EMUALLIANCE la próxima versión de este emulador ofrecerá soporte multijugador a traves de Red. También dicen que ya funcionan más de 100 juegos.

darkmazda.com/archives/111999 - 4

Spectrum games:
128 Museum has posted some rare versions of games Spectrum games:

Rocky Horror Show
Monty 4-Auf Wiedersehen Monty 48-128
Fighter Bomber (128 Remix)
Bat Man Movie (128 Remix)
Black Lamp 48-128 free gameboy advance roms 160
156 all free gameboy advance roms 68
66 free gameboy roms 58 56 download gameboy advance roms 52
51 download gameboy roms 45 44
Captain Blood 128
Carrier Command 128
Game Over 128
Golden Axe (128 Remix) - better version
Italian Supercar 48-128-Didaktik Gama
Jahancir Khan World Championship Squash part 1 128
Mask 3-Venom Strikes Back 48-128

70 Secret of Mana (U).zip 8337
71 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters (U).zip 8327
72 Beavis and Butthead (U).zip 8300
73 Dragon Quest 6 (J).zip 8300
74 Aero Fighters (U).zip 8288
75 Star Fox (V1.2) (U) [!].zip 8248
76 Zelda no Densetsu (V1.2) (J).zip 8222
77 Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (U).zip 8190
78 Captain America & the Avengers (U).zip 8172
79 Mega Man 7 (U).zip 8166
80 Lion King, The (U).zip 8137
81 Spider-Man - Animated (U).zip 8094
82 Alien 3 (U).zip 8075
83 ABC Monday Night Football (U).zip 8046
84 Earthworm Jim (U).zip 7927
85 Super Punch-Out!! (U).zip 7901
86 Spider-Man - Maximum Carnage (U).zip 7869
87 Mario's Time Machine (U).zip 7858
88 Donald Duck - Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (U).zip 7845
89 Batman Returns (U).zip 7838
90 Addams Family Values (U).zip 7809
91 Mario is Missing (U).zip 7792
92 Super Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back (V1.1) (U).zip 7789
93 Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (U).zip 7783
94 Contra Spirits (J).zip 7769
95 Final Fight (U).zip 7734
96 Aliens Vs Predator (J).zip 7682
97 Top Gear 3000 (U).zip 7672
98 Ace wo Nerae (J).zip 7554
99 Sim City 2000 (U).zip 7511
100 Dragon Quest 5 (J).zip 7420 .


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